Discover a new dimension of tastefulness.
Four different types of meat, four irresistible tastes.

Choose the meat and burger in which we will serve to you


Scottish Angus Beef is known for its finely marbled meat, with evenly dispersed fat against the cut of the meat. This marbling trait of Angus cattle creates a more intense, juicy and flavorful taste.

JAPANESE WAGYU * +10 zł, ULTIMATE * +25 zł

Japanese Wagyu is prized for its intensive marbling and is known for its texture and rich, meaty taste. With its fat melting at a lot lower temperature, it caters to your taste buds with an unseen buttery flavor. Japanese Wagyu is not only extremely delicious, but it contains a lot of Omega 3 and Omega 6 making it also a healthy indulgence.

IrISH LAMB * +8 zł, ULTIMATE * +23 zł

You probably wouldn’t always eat a lamb burger, but when you do, it has to be THE BEST one. With its excellent, distinctive taste, aroma and juiciness our Ireland Lamb Burger is not only an unexpected treat to your tastebuds, but also made of one of the healthiest meats available in the market.


The taste you know, the taste you love. The perfectly balanced fat content gently extracts the intense flavor and aroma. Combined with its juiciness, our Classic Fridays Burger always keeps you always coming back for more.

* – basic price – Classic Fridays™

Jack Daniel’s® Burger – CLASSIC 39 zł*

Fridays Cheeseburger – CLASSIC 37 zł*

Bacon Cheeseburger – CLASSIC 37 zł*

Southwest Burger – CLASSIC 37 zł*

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